The Best Way to Send Money

Sharemoney makes it easy to help your friends and family. Send money online from your computer or cell phone, instead of waiting on long lines. Now you can transfer on your own time.

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What is Sharemoney?

Sharemoney is an online service of Omnex Group, an international money transfer company that was founded in 1989 and includes such recognizable brands as Le Goi Tien Le, UNO Money Transfers, and Giromex. Sharemoney began operating in 2014 and quickly earned a lot of loyal customers. We boast one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the money remittance industry; you can read the reviews of our company on this independent source.

Why use Sharemoney to Send Money?

As an online remittance service, Sharemoney offers customers in 35 states the convenience of sending money from anywhere at any time. We offer secure transfers, fast delivery, and better exchange rates and lower fees than most banks and money transfer "giants". We have one of the best customer service ratings in the money transfer industry, as you can see from our customer reviews on TrustPilot. Sharemoney is also simple to use.

Is Sharemoney the Cheapest Way to Send Money?

Sharemoney's services are priced very competitively both in terms of fees and exchange rates. Some companies may offer even lower prices; however, in terms of the price-to-quality ratio sending money through Sharemoney is your best choice.

Easiest Way to Send Money

Time is Money

We created a system that makes sending money quick and easy for you, so you can focus on things that really matter.

How and Why

To get started on a money transfer, simply log in or create an account on Sharemoney's website, then click "Send Now" and provide all necessary information that's requested. Customers need to provide the exact amount of money they want to send, their contact information, the name of the beneficiary, transfer method, and payment details.

While customers are certainly allowed to use a credit card for transactions, we don't advise this method. Sharemoney supports both Mastercard and Visa, but these companies make customers pay for money transfers as cash advances, which can result in additional fees. An inexpensive way to send money is through debit card payments.

Yes, debit cards are our recomended payment method for all Sharemoney transactions.

If you're a first-time customer with Sharemoney, we will send funds immediately once we confirm your phone number and payment source. Returning customers don't need to await confirmation and can transfer money to cash pickup locations within minutes.

What and When

Money transfers larger than $10,000 are not currently permitted with Sharemoney. Our goal is to help people who live and work abroad to support friends and family. Customers can send up to $2,999.99 every 24 hours or every 15 days, and up to $9,999.99 in a period of 180 days. Additional rules and state regulations may apply.

Normally, recipients of money transfers will need to present their ID to pick up funds from one of the many pickup locations. We also advise you to share your money transfer number (MTN) with beneficiaries in case they require it when picking up funds.

Send Money

Safe & Secure Money Transfer

Sharemoney is federally and state regulated, and uses Extended Validation SSL security to protect your financial information.

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Your Security is Our Priority

We know you work hard for your money. Which is why we work hard to protect it.

Account Security

At Sharemoney we take your security very seriously. Our advanced remittance system provides incredibly high levels of safety, security, and speed. We are state and federally regulated as a Money Transfer Operator, and we comply with all applicable laws and regulations. All web pages on our website are encrypted to ensure that all of your data is protected. You can read our Privacy Policy for more information.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell or use your personal information unless it is necessary to complete your money transfer or fulfill promotions you enrolled in. For more details on how we keep you and your money safe, view our Privacy Policy here.

As a money transfer operator, we are regulated directly by the federal government and by various U.S. state governments and agencies. We comply with all applicable law, and to obtain a license or secure an exemption as required in each state in which we operate.

Protection and Privacy

If your money transfer cannot be completed for whatever reason, we will refund your transaction in full. Please allow 5-10 days for the refund to process and reflect in your bank account statement.

To help us protect you and your money, please make sure to send funds only to people you know personally, such your friends and family. Do not share your password with anyone and don't offer to send money from your account on someone else's behalf. Although Sharemoney has a whole team dedicated to detecting scams and fraudulent activity (as mandated by the Bank Secrecy Act, the US Patriot Act, and other regulations), we recommend due diligence on your part to reduce the possibility of fraud.

If you think your username and password have been lost or stolen or if you've been the victim of fraud, if you are aware of anyone or any entity that is using our services inappropriately, if you receive any fake (phishing) emails purporting to be from Sharemoney, or if you encounter any "mirrored" Sharemoney sites, please contact us immediately at

Safe & Secure Money Transfer