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Sharemoney Immigrant Support Scholarship Winner

Omnex Sharemoney Scholarship Award
2018 Sharemoney Immigrant Support Scholarship Winner Patricia Batista posing with the Sharemoney team.

2018 Award Winner- Patricia Batista

This year Sharemoney selects Patricia Batista as winner of its 2018 Immigrant Support Scholarship! Her and her family’s journey emigrating from the Dominican Republic embodies the mission of this award: to support the hard-working immigrant families here in the US and help them build better lives. Here’s her story.

Patricia and her family left the Dominican Republic when she was just 6 years old. Her mother wanted her kids to have the opportunities she didn’t in their home country, so they came to the US to search for them. As a single mother she supports Patricia and her brother handling packages for FedEx. She feels she could have done more had she finished high school, but Patricia’s picking up where she left off.

Patricia maintained a 4.0 GPA in high school while taking 6 honors and 3 AP classes. She’s earned the National Society of Collegiate scholars award as well as the New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish. She’s active outside of the classroom too. Patricia’s been a part of different programs where she mentored middle and high school students on important life issues such as conflict resolution, positive lifestyle choices, drug & alcohol prevention and more. This fits in perfectly with her plans for the future.

Patricia’s a Social Work & Social Services major at Rutgers. Her vision is to complete her college education and live in service of others. Thinking back on her mother she wrote in her application essay:

"I see how she struggles, although she tries to hide it and she does it all with no complaints so me and my brother have the opportunity to pursue our education without worry. That’s all she wants. Getting a college diploma won’t just be me making it, it will also be her accomplishment."

We’re looking forward to Patricia and her mother living out their dreams. To this end Sharemoney has awarded her a $1,000 scholarship to help her continue her studies. We wish her all the best in this wonderful journey!