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We value your trust and vow to keep your money safe by partnering with the most established financial institutions in the United States and El Salvador. Your money is safe with Sharemoney.

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First, create your free account. After you verify your email and phone number, you're ready to send money! Just select the country you'd like to send to, and you'll be guided through the steps.

If you need to cancel a transaction or request a refund, please telephone customer service as soon as possible after completing the transaction at (866) 819-0119. In most cases we can issue a refund provided the transaction has not been delivered to the recipient. For additional information regarding refunds and cancelled transactions please see our User Agreement.

Sharemoney is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of each transaction. We will never sell your personal information to third parties. For more details on how we keep you and your money safe, view our Privacy Policy here.

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Sharemoney makes it easier than ever to send money to loved ones in El Salvador and other countries. Our goal is to make remittances simpler for all of our customers by providing them with lower transfer fees and top notch currency exchange rates. El Salvador eliminates the need for exchange rate fees, as customers can send USD to this country. Beneficiaries can visit one of the many cash pickup locations throughout the country to retrieve their funds, or receive them via direct deposit to their bank accounts. Recipients never need to worry about paying any fees. Sharemoney works with several banks in El Salvador, making sure that your money is sent through highly secure channels.

Transferring money internationally is often difficult for many people, but Sharemoney gives all of our U.S.-based customers easy access to many different countries around the world. Send money to El Salvador and many other countries using our services. We'll help you select the best payment and delivery methods and keep the process quick and simple, with the ability to track your transactions from sending to reception. You'll never need to worry about spending more than you need to on a money transfer, and you'll benefit from complete transparency.


There are multiple payers that Sharemoney works with for money transfers in El Salvador.

The banks available for cash pickup or direct deposit include:

While Elektra, and Fedecredito only offer cash pickup, Scotiabank offers both cash pickup and direct deposit for money transfers.


Sharemoney offers many benefits for customers, including customer support in English and Spanish that's ready to help answer any questions you have about transferring funds to El Salvador. Use Sharemoney to transfer money to El Salvador using any device with internet connectivity. You'll be able to send money to loved ones from anywhere at any time from the convenience of your own home. We've transferred over $10 billion to satisfied customers around the world and look forward to helping you with your future money transfers, with the safety and security you need. You'll be able to track funds at all times using our Money Tracker, and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to assure you that you'll receive a full refund for transfers that are incomplete for any reason.


Sharemoney offers three main delivery methods for international money transfers. Delivery methods include cash pickup, direct deposit, and courier delivery.

There are over 41,000 pickup locations throughout the globe for cash pickup, which helps ensure that beneficiaries don't need to travel far to retrieve their funds. Direct deposits can show up in recipients' bank accounts within 15 minutes. El Salvador doesn't currently allow for courier delivery services, but this delivery method is available in many other countries through Sharemoney. We'll help you decide on the best delivery method based on the recipient's location.


Prior to transferring your funds and initiating a transaction with Sharemoney, we will make sure you understand the exact cost. Through our services, there are no hidden fees, including fees for delivery and payment methods. You'll be able to know exactly where your money is at all times while working with us.