Invite 2 friends and earn a $30 Gift Card.

(Restrictions apply)

How it Works

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Log in to your Sharemoney account and get your unique referral link.
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Share your unique referral link with friends and family. They'll get zero transfer fees on their first three transactions when signing up to our SMS program.
Get a $30 Gift Card
When 2 friends (max one per household) complete a minimum of 1 transaction within the calendar month, you'll get a $30 Gift Card!
Your Get a Free Transfer
25 Dolars Amazon Gift Card

Get a chance to win a $250 Gift Card

Every calendar month, if you refer the most friends out of all of our customers, you'll win a $250 Gift Card. Enter the competition today!
Restrictions apply, see

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Post your unique referral link on your Facebook and Twitter page, or send it via text or email to your friends. Each friend who signs up for Sharemoney through your link and completes a transaction counts as one of your referrals.

Your friend must transfer a minimum of $100 for their transaction to qualify.

You'll receive credit for your referral the day that your referee places the transaction. This will be independent of when they sign up.

You can refer as many friends as you like! In fact, the more friends you refer, the better your chances of winning a $250 Gift Card. Gift Cards are sent to you electronically via email. If you refer 2 friends in a calendar month (EST time) who all complete at least one transaction, you'll automatically be sent a $30 Gift Card.

Your Gift Card will contain a code that you can enter on A $30 balance will then be applied to your Amazon account.

Just keep referring your friends! Every month, the customer who refers the most friends will automatically win a $250 Gift Card!

The customer that refers the most people to Sharemoney each calendar month will win the $250 Gift Card. The winner needs to make at least 2 referrals that month. The more friends you refer, the greater your chances of winning!

No, you cannot refer yourself.

Just log into your account and click "Referral History" on your dashboard. You can also click the button "Earn a $30 Gift Card" on your account page, and you'll be taken to your unique referral code. Scroll down below your code to see your referral history.

Each referee will only be credited to one household.

You can contact Sharemoney customer service 24/7 by calling (866) 819-0119 or by emailing us at

Yes! For every 2 friends you refer who complete a transaction within the month, you will be issued another $30 Gift Card. And, the more friends you refer each month, the better chance you have to win a $250 Gift Card! So, keep on referring friends!