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We value your trust and vow to keep your money safe by partnering with the most established financial institutions in the United States and the Dominican Republic. Your money is safe with Sharemoney.

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If you send $200 per week to your loved ones, they get 32,514 DOP more every year. Send more for less with Sharemoney.

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Sharemoney is federally and state regulated, and uses Extended Validation SSL security to protect your financial information.

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First, create your free account. After you verify your email and phone number, you're ready to send money! Just select the country you'd like to send to, and you'll be guided through the steps.

If you need to cancel a transaction or request a refund, please telephone customer service as soon as possible after completing the transaction at (866) 819-0119. In most cases we can issue a refund provided the transaction has not been delivered to the recipient. For additional information regarding refunds and cancelled transactions please see our User Agreement.

Sharemoney is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of each transaction. We will never sell your personal information to third parties. For more details on how we keep you and your money safe, view our Privacy Policy here.

Delivery time estimates for transactions to the Dominican Republic are 30 minutes for cash pick up, up to 6 hours for home delivery, and up to 1 day for bank deposit.

When placing your transfer you can select to receive notification via either email or text. You can also use our Money Tracker to check on the status of the transfer. And of course you can always contact Customer Service for further assistance.

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Sharemoney makes it easy to transfer money online to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic. Our goal is to make remittance easy for all of our customers by providing great currency exchange rates available along with super low transfer fees. Sharemoney offers a selection of payment methods for you to begin a money transfer. Your recipient can have their funds delivered via cash pickup at one of many locations throughout the Dominican Republic, delivery to their home, or direct bank deposits. We also never charge your beneficiaries any fees. We work with some of the best banks in the country, which helps us make sure that your money only travels through secure channels.

Transferring money internationally isn't easy for many people, but Sharemoney gives customers based in the U.S, easy access to many different countries all over the world. Send money to the Dominican Republic or other countries using our services. We can help you choose the right payment method for your transfers and keep the process fast and easy, giving you the ability to track your payment from the moment you send it until it's received. You don't need to spend any more than you have to on money transfers, and you'll know exactly where your money is at all times.


The Dominican Republic has several different banks that customers can use to send money. Sharemoney offers cash pickup service through Caribe Express and Remesas Dominicanas, along with bank deposit through other banks including:

We also work with many other banks around the country. Simply ask us about which payers we work with, and you can choose your preferred bank.

We also allow home delivery to recipients located in major Dominican cities including Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, San Pedro de Macorís, and La Romana.


Sharemoney customer support can help you with any questions you may have about transferring money to a recipient in the Dominican Republic. You can use our services to transfer funds to the Dominican Republic on any device with an internet connection. Send money to your loved ones at any time, anywhere. We've transferred over $10 billion total to customers all over the world, and we look forward to working with you today. Using our Money Tracker, you can track your transfers in real time, with a 100% money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong throughout the transfer process.


If you want to send money to the Dominican Republic, there are plenty of ways to make sure your beneficiary receives your funds with security and efficiency. Depending on what you prefer, we can send money via cash pickup, bank deposits, or courier delivery.

With over 41,000 cash pickup locations around the world available for money orders, this delivery method is as efficient as any other. There are dozens of pickup locations in the Dominican Republic alone. For direct deposits, we can often transfer money in as little as 15 minutes. If you and your recipient prefer courier delivery, the Dominican Republic is one of the many countries that allow for this delivery method. Regardless of physical location, we can help you decide on the best available delivery method for money transfers.


Like all other countries that we can send money to, you will benefit from complete transparency when transferring funds to the Dominican Republic. At Sharemoney, we make sure that customers are never unaware of any fees throughout transactions. We disclose all delivery and payment fees up front, so you understand the exact cost from the start.