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We value your trust and vow to keep your money safe by partnering with the most established financial institutions in the United States and Argentina. Your money is safe with Sharemoney.

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Sharemoney is federally and state regulated, and uses Extended Validation SSL security to protect your financial information.

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First, create your free account. After you verify your email and phone number, you're ready to send money! Just select the country you'd like to send to, and you'll be guided through the steps.

If you need to cancel a transaction or request a refund, please telephone customer service as soon as possible after completing the transaction at (866) 819-0119. In most cases we can issue a refund provided the transaction has not been delivered to the recipient. For additional information regarding refunds and cancelled transactions please see our User Agreement.

Sharemoney is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of each transaction. We will never sell your personal information to third parties. For more details on how we keep you and your money safe, view our Privacy Policy here.

Sharemoney Articles


If you want an easy and inexpensive way to send money to Argentina, Sharemoney can make the process fast and easy. Transfer money from the USA without unnecessarily high exchange rates that you might find elsewhere. You can easily send money from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices with an internet connection. Sharemoney transfers money through the use of an established network of reputable banking institutions, which helps make sure that senders and recipients experience swift money transfers without any security compromises. We keep the process of sending money to Argentina simpler than ever, without any frustrations.

It's not always an easy process when sending money internationally, particularly if the sender isn't sure which method of delivery is ideal, but Sharemoney can alleviate the stress of money transfers by allowing customers to easily send money nearly anywhere in the world. Our customers can transfer money to Argentina and many other countries located in South America, with many pickup locations available. We'll assist you with the selection of payment methods for all money transfers, and we also offer full tracking of funds to make sure they go to their intended destination on time without issue, without any complications prior to pickup. Sharemoney customers ultimately benefit from total transparency with each money transfer.


Sharemoney gives customers access to over 41,000 pickup locations all over the world, with many pickup locations in Argentina through available payers. Customers can send money with Latin Express and MORE Money Transfers to Argentina, giving recipients plenty of opportunities for cash transfers and pickup.

Sharemoney also makes sure that customers can see exactly where funds are throughout the delivery process, eliminating any uncertainty about where your money is going.


As a service of Omnex Group, Inc., Sharemoney experiences both federal and state regulation in 35 states as a money transfer company. We allow you to send money when it's convenient for you, with a support team that can address any questions or concerns that you may have about our services or the overall delivery and pickup process. Every year, we transfer over $1 billion across the globe, leaving customers satisfied with their experience. Customers also benefit from a 100% money-back guarantee to keep all money transfers risk-free.


Unfortunately, there are many money transfer companies that won't inform customers of exactly how much they'll need to spend before performing money transfers. Sharemoney doesn't hide anything from customers and lets them know how much you need to pay without any hidden fees along the way. Customers won't find any unwanted surprises when working with us, unlike many other companies that might attempt to conceal certain payment information.

Transferring money with Sharemoney is much simpler than other methods, with plenty of transfer options available to ensure that senders and recipients know where their money is at all times. When sending money to Argentina, recipients will be able to pick up cash at a location that's most convenient for them. Some of the other South American countries that we can send money to include Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, and Peru.

Want to transfer money to Argentina as soon as possible? Call Sharemoney to initiate a money transfer or talk to our staff to learn more about which methods of money transfers are the most cost-efficient. We'll provide all of the details regarding pickup locations and payment and delivery fees. We are ready to assist you with painless money transfers to give you the most pleasant experience possible, with hassle- and risk-free service