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Sharemoney: 18.7550

Xoom: 18.5410
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We value your trust and vow to keep your money safe by partnering with the most established financial institutions in the United States and Mexico. Your money is safe with Sharemoney.

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  • Mexico Bank Partners Elektra Intermex International Money Express Santander Serfin Banorte Bansefi El Banco Social de Mexico Soriana Telecomm BBVA Bancomer


If you send $200 per week to your loved ones, they get 2,226 MXN more every year. Send more for less with Sharemoney.

*Based on Sharemoney vs. Xoom USD to MXN exchange rates. Last Updated: Under 1 hour ago


*Based on Sharemoney vs. Xoom USD to MXN exchange rates. Last Updated: Under 1 hour ago

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Sharemoney is federally and state regulated, and uses Extended Validation SSL security to protect your financial information.

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Transfers Straight From Your Computer To Mexico

Transfer Money Online from USA to Mexico

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to send money to Mexico, Sharemoney has many features you’ll love! Send money from USA to Mexico using your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any device with an Internet connection. We are a money transmitter with over 25 years of experience, offering secure and fast money transfers to Mexico. We have many payout locations in Mexico and offer bank deposits to most major Mexican banks, so your recipient can get the money in the most convenient way for them. We never charge your recipient any fees for the money transfer, and we try to offer you the highest exchange rate among the competition.

Sending money internationally isn't easy in many cases, but Sharemoney makes the process simple by giving U.S.-based customers easy access to a wide variety of countries. You can send money to Mexico and many other countries through our reliable services. We'll help you decide on the right payment for your money transfers, and keep the entire process quick and easy, with the ability to track transfers to ensure a successful transaction. Customers won't spend more than they need to on any transfer, and you'll benefit from full transparency that gives you a complete picture of transfers from sending to reception.

Receiving Methods for Banks in Mexico

Mexico money transfers can go through several banks located throughout the country. Elektra is one of the popular networks used for sending money to Mexico, with over 900 locations across the country, but Sharemoney gives customers many other bank options including:

Simply let us know which bank you and the recipient would prefer to use for money transfers.

A Great Way To Send Money To Mexico Online

Sharemoney strives to make money transfers to Mexico as simple and hassle-free for you as possible. Our service is available to you at any time of day. Our bi-lingual customer support team is here via phone and email to help you with any questions you may have. We know you work hard for your money, so we’ve created tools like the Money Tracker to help you track your funds in real time, so you always know where they are. We’ve also made it very quick and easy for you to send money to the same recipient again. We have a 100% money-back guarantee if for some reason your money transfer does not reach your recipient. You never have to stress over your money transfers to Mexico with Sharemoney!

Delivery Methods for Money

Sharemoney gives customers several choices of delivery methods for their convenience, ensuring that money transfers are as efficient as possible. Our delivery methods include cash pick-up, deposits, and courier delivery.

For direct deposit money transfers, we can transfer funds within 15 minutes. If you prefer cash pick-up, we can transfer money to over 41,000 pickup locations across the globe to prevent recipients from traveling far to retrieve cash payments. In some countries, we also offer courier delivery along with the other two delivery methods. We can help you determine which delivery method is ideal to use to transfer money to Mexico based on the recipient's location.

Know How Much You Need to Pay to Send Money to Mexico

Prior to sending money to Mexico or other countries, our customers will know exactly how much they'll need to pay to complete money transfers. At Sharemoney, our goal is to ensure that there are no hidden fees that could provide an unpleasant surprise for customers, including fees based on payment and delivery methods. You'll feel confident in knowing that you're only paying what you have to for each transfer.

Sharemoney allows you to send money to Mexico online from the United States. Send your Mexico remittances via Cash Pickup or Bank Deposit at great exchange rates and low fees. Trust Sharemoney to securely transfer money to Mexico with our risk free guarantee. Sign up today to see how easy it is to send money to Mexico online.