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Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we've partnered with the most reliable banks in the United States and Brazil to get your money to the destination safely.

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  • Brazil Bank Partners Bradesco Banco Paulista Itau Caixa HSBC Banrisul


If you send $200 per week to your loved ones, they get 114 BRL more every year. Send more for less with Sharemoney.

*Based on Sharemoney vs. Worldremit USD to BRL exchange rates. Last Updated: Under 1 hour ago


*Based on Sharemoney vs. Worldremit USD to BRL exchange rates. Last Updated: Under 1 hour ago

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Sharemoney is federally and state regulated, and uses Extended Validation SSL security to protect your financial information.

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A great way to send money to Brazil

Transfers Straight From Your Computer To Brazil

Transfer Money Online from USA to Brazil

Looking to send money to Brazil from the United States? Look no further. Transfer money directly into your recipient's bank account in Brazil while taking advantage of our high currency exchange rates and competitive remittance fees. Send money to Brazil using your credit or debit card from any device with an Internet connection. Sharemoney transfers your funds to Brazil using an established network of the largest banking institutions, ensuring quick and safe money transfers for you. Sending money to Brazil has never been this easy!

Sending money internationally is often challenging if the sender is unsure of how to transfer funds, but Sharemoney makes it easy to send money nearly anywhere in the world. Our customers can send money to Brazil and many other countries in South America. If you need help deciding on the right transfer method, we can also assist you with the selection of payment and delivery methods to keep money transfers both cheap and efficient. We can also track transfers to make sure money arrives at its intended destination on time. Our customers will benefit from complete transparency.

Available Banks in Brazil

Customers can send money to nearly any location in Brazil, with many banks available for money transfers. Banco Paulista is one of the most popular options, corresponding with most money transfer companies all over the world. Sharemoney can also perform transfers through other banks in Brazil including:

Simply let us know which preferred payer you would like to use to send money.

A simple way to send money to Brazil Online

Sharemoney, a service of Omnex Group Inc., is regulated federally and in over 35 states as a money transmitter. With Sharemoney, you can send money to Brazil when it's most convenient for you, using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Our customer support team is available to help you with any questions or concerns. We successfully transfer over $1 billion every year to satisfied customers all over the world. With Sharemoney's money back guarantee, sending money to Brazil is simple and risk-free!

Delivery Methods for Money Transfers

In addition to many payers, we can transfer money through three different delivery methods, depending on convenience and the location of the recipient. We offer cash pick-up, direct deposits, and courier delivery in some cases.

Cash pick-up is highly efficient, with over 41,000 pickup locations across the globe to reach recipients nearly anywhere in the world, preventing them from having to travel far. Direct deposits are also easy to accomplish in as little as 15 minutes. We can also send deliver money through couriers in some locations if this method is more convenient than pick-ups or deposits. We'll help you select the right method to send money to Brazil, with the ability to track each method.

Know Exactly How Much You're Spending

At Sharemoney, you'll know how much it will cost to send money to Brazil or any other country. There are no hidden fees through our services that might otherwise surprise you at other money transfer companies. We fully disclose fees for delivery and payment methods, and will help you select cost-effective methods for all money transfers.

Sharemoney makes it easier than ever to transfer money to nearly any recipient in Brazil. We'll help make sending money across the world nearly effortless.

Sharemoney allows you to send money to Brazil online from the United States. Send your Brazil remittances via Bank Deposit at the best exchange rates and lowest fees. Trust Sharemoney to securely transfer money to Brazil with our risk free guarantee. Sign up today to see how easy it is to send money to Brazil online.