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Chuyển tiền tới BANCOLOMBIA S.A.

We have officially partnered with Bancolombia S.A. to enhance our United States to Colombia money remittance service. Bancolombia was founded in 1998 and is Colombia's largest bank. The modern bank offers full financial services, and apart from remittance payment and collection, Bancolombia S.A. also specializes in foreign trade, mortgage loans, treasury, government banking, pension plans and much more. What's more, the exceptional bank serves its clients through its 1,090 branches. With so many branches strategically located across the country, you can be sure that your recipients can easily find a Bancolombia cash pickup location that is nearest to them. Transfer money to Colombia today and take advantage of what this cash pickup provider has to offer!

Trang web chinh thức: https://www.grupobancolombia.com.