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Transferir dinheiro para FARMACIAS GUADALAJARA

Founded in 1942, Farmacias Guadalajara is a well-known brand of convenience stores that operates 24 hours round the clock. In 1962, a formal expansion took place and Farmacias Guadalajara opened new branches across the country. In the late 1980s, Farmacias Guadalajara created its own unique concept called SUPERFARMACIA®. It is the combination of a convenience store and self-service pharmacy. The convenience store is also a listed company in the Mexican Stock Exchange. Because of its expansion, Farmacias Guadalajara started to offer other services including remittance services. That's why Sharemoney has chosen them and their stores to be in our list of cash pickup stations in the country. Make Farmacias Guadalajara your preferred cash pickup location and transfer money to Mexico with great ease!

Site oficial: https://www.farmaciasguadalajara.com.mx