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How and Why

How do I send money to the Philippines?

Log In or create an account Click "Send Now" and fill out the necessary information. You will need to provide the amount you want to send, your recipient's name and contact information, how you want them to receive the money, and your payment information.

What delivery options does Sharemoney offer for money transfers to the Philippines?

Regardless of the method of payment, you can choose Bank Deposit, Cash Pickup or Home (door-to-door) Delivery.

Can I send money to the Philippines with my credit card?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Sharemoney supports the use of Visa and Mastercard as a payment method, but using them for money remittance is considered a cash advance, and could incur additional fees with your bank. The best (and cheapest) way to send money to the Philippines through Sharemoney is using your debit card.

Can I send money to the Philippines from my debit card?

Yes. Sharemoney transfers funds using your debit card.

How long does remittance to the Philippines take?

If you use Sharemoney for the first time, your funds are released as soon as we confirm your phone number and source of payment. Returning customers sending money to the Philippines with the same contact and financial information often see their funds delivered within minutes for bank deposits and cash pickup, and up to 6 hours for door-to-door delivery. Bank account remittance may take up to 3 business days to verify.

What and When

What Filipino banks support Sharemoney's online transfers?

Sharemoney has an extensive network of banks that covers all of the Philippines and includes over 50 payor partners. Find the list of all the supported banks here.

Where are your cash pickup locations?

We have thousands of convenient cash pickup locations in the Philippines, including major cities such as Manila, Cebu City, Quzeon City, Antipolo, and virtually any other city through the BDO branch network. Find the list of all locations here.

Where is door-to-door delivery supported?

We can deliver to any home address in the Philippines if you choose the "Home Delivery" option.

I want to send $1,000,000 to the Philippines. Can I use Sharemoney?

Not at this time. Our mission is to help people who live and work abroad support their families back home. At this time you can transfer up to $2999.99 every 24 hours, up to $2999.99 every 15 days, and up to $9999.99 in a 180-day period. Additional rules and state regulations may apply.

What does my beneficiary need to know to receive their funds?

Typically, the beneficiary will need to present their ID in order to receive your funds at a cash pickup location or through home delivery. It is also helpful to share your money transfer number (MTN) with your beneficiary in case they need to reference it when picking up funds.

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