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Time is Money

We know how important your time is, so we've made sending money to Peru as easy and quick as possible. So you can focus on things that matter most.

How and Why

How long does it take to transfer money to Peru?

Your first transfer through Sharemoney may be delayed for initial verification, but once your account is verified, all transfers are processed immediately. Your recipient usually has access to the funds within several minutes or up to one business day (depending on the receiving bank's hours of operation, time zone differences, and banking holidays).

Can I send money to Peru using my debit card?

Yes, Sharemoney accepts debit cards as payment. This is often the fastest and cheapest way to send money through Sharemoney.

Can I send money to Peru using my credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. However, sometimes your issuing bank might charge additional ""cash advance"" fees on money transfers if you use your credit card. This fee is NOT charged by Sharemoney. Please contact your bank to find out if they would charge cash advance fees. We recommend using your debit card to avoid any potential fees.

How will my recipient in Peru receive the money?

When you send money to Peru, you have the option of selecting either Cash Pickup or Bank Deposit as the delivery method. We work with some of the largest banks in Peru that accept our bank deposits. We also have hundreds of cash pickup locations if your recipient would rather claim the money at a location near them.

Sounds good. How do I get started with Sharemoney?

Create a free account or Log Into an existing account. Once logged in, you can go through our simple step-by-step Send Money process, where you will enter your recipient's information, choose a delivery option, and enter your payment information. That's it!

What and When

What banks in Peru accept bank deposits through Sharemoney?

You can see the list of bank we have partnered with here.

What are your Cash Pickup locations in Peru?

We work with several different banks and agencies that offer counter Cash Pickup services for our money transfers in Peru. Please click here for a full list.

What does my beneficiary need to know to receive my money transfer?

Usually your beneficiary will need to be able to confirm their identity with a government-issued ID (for Cash Pickup transfers). We also recommend telling your beneficiary your Money Transfer Number (MTN) so they can reference it when needed.

Can I send $1,000,000 to Peru through Sharemoney?

Not at this time. Our mission is to assist people living and working in the United States who want to help their family, friends, and business partners in Peru. As of now, you can send up to $2,999.99 every 15 days, and up to $9999.99 every 180 days. Additional laws and state regulations may apply depending on the amounts you transfer or the state you live in. If you would like to send more money than the current limit allows, please email to discuss your options. Typically, we will allow larger transfers if you can provide additional documentation that we are required by law to collect in such cases.

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