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A Great Way to Send Money to Brazil.

Sharemoney makes it easy to help your friends and family in Brazil. Send money online from your computer or cell phone, instead of waiting on long lines. Now you can transfer on your own time.

What is Sharemoney?

Sharemoney is an online service of Omnex Group, an international money transfer company that was founded in 1989 and includes such recognizable brands as Le Goi Tien Le, UNO Money Transfers, and Giromex. Sharemoney began operating in 2014 and quickly earned a lot of loyal customers. We boast one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the money remittance industry; you can read the reviews of our company on this independent source

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Why use Sharemoney to send to Brazil?

As an online remittance service, Sharemoney offers customers in 35 states the convenience of sending money from anywhere at any time. We offer secure transfers, fast delivery, and better exchange rates and lower fees than most banks and money transfer "giants". We have one of the best customer service ratings in the money transfer industry, as you can see from our customer reviews on TrustPilot. Sharemoney is also simple to use.

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Is Sharemoney the cheapest way to send money to Brazil?

Sharemoney's services are priced very competitively and are cheaper than those of Western Union and MoneyGram both in terms of fees and exchange rates. Some companies may offer even lower prices; however, in terms of the price-to-quality ratio sending money through Sharemoney is the top choice.

*Based on Sharemoney vs. Worldremit USD to BRL exchange rates. Last Updated: Under 1 hour ago

An Easy Way to Send Money to Brazil