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Safe & Secure Money Transfer

Sharemoney is federally and state regulated, and uses Extended Validation SSL security to protect your financial information.

  • Ironclad Payment Security Credentials
Your Security is Our Priority

Sharemoney understands that customers work hard to earn their money, which is why we also work hard to keep it secure at all times.

How does Sharemoney keep my payment information safe?

At Sharemoney, we take security and safety very seriously. Our money transfer system provides all customers with the highest level of safety, efficiency, and security. We use detection systems that are some of the best in the remittance industry, assuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. The Sharemoney website uses SSL security encryption to keep all of our customers' data consistently secure throughout the payment process. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

How does Sharemoney keep my personal information secure?

Sharemoney never sells or uses any personal information to third parties. For more details about how we make sure you and your money are safe when sending money to Bolivia, see our Privacy Policy.

How is Sharemoney regulated?

As a money transfer company, we are regulated directly through the federal government along with certain U.S. state agencies and governments. It is our policy to comply with all applicable law throughout each transfer, and to acquire licenses or secure exemptions for each state in which we operate.

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Does Sharemoney have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer customers a 1000% money-back guarantee for money transfers to Bolivia. You can view our Sharemoney User Agreement for a closer look at the rules governing refunds. If we are somehow unable to complete a money transfer, we will provide a full refund of your transaction. Refunds can take between 5-10 days to complete. If you have more questions or requests, you can contact us via phone or email at any time.

How do I protect myself from money transfer scams?

Sharemoney recommends that customers only send money to Bolivia if they know the recipient personally. Many online scammers use money transfer companies to steal money by gaining access to private information. Although Sharemoney has a team that is wholly devoted to detecting and addressing scams and fraudulent transactions, it is advisable to avoid money transfers with people who aren't personally known. Scammers are often good at persuading people to send them money with the promise of higher future returns, but these deals are rarely real.

What if I think my account is compromised?

If you suspect that your username and password are compromised, you should contact Sharemoney immediately via email at Customers should also contact us as soon as possible if they believe they are victims of fraud, have become aware of any entity that is using our services illegally, have received phishing emails that claim to be from Sharemoney and are asking for personal details, or have come across any false Sharemoney imitator websites asking for information.

Safe & Secure Money Transfer to Bolivia